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What does DVD Mean in the Real World

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What Does DVD Mean in the Real World? Most people today have heard something about DVD. And for most, DVD means Hollywood movies. As one of the most successful con-sumer technology introductions in history, with millions of players and thousands of movie titles already delivered, it is no wonder that Hollywood is what people think of first. But DVD is also delivering in many ways the public has not yet realized.

The nature of DVD's success lies in a true business revolution - the convergence of the computer, entertainment and consumer electronic industries. Hundreds of companies - including the powerhouses of each of those industries - combined forces to jointly develop and support a single technology that meets all their collective needs for media delivery. And despite its youth, DVD is a mature technology with a proven, standards-based foundation that is already generations of iterations beyond anything achieved by prior technologies such as CD-ROM or VHS.

DVD is one of those rare developments that significantly impact the marketplace on almost every level simultaneously. From consumers looking for exciting new entertainment; creatives working to show-case their talent; postproduction facilities hoping to maximize profits; and corporations needing to communicate with their employees and their customers, DVD has opened broad new avenues for delivering all forms of digital content. Moreover, for every one of those applica-tions, there is massive potential for bottom-line return for those who create DVD titles.

DVD Resources
DVD Resources WebDVD.Org Developers association for Web enabled DVD titles, sponsored by Spruce Technologies. http://www.webdvd.org/ TechWeb A good place to search and retrieve DVD related news. http://www.techweb.com/ DVD Forum The DVD Forum (formerly called DVD Consortium) is an ad-hoc asso-ciation of hardware manufacturers, software firms and other users of Digital Versatile Discs (the "DVD Format"), created for the purpose of exchanging and disseminating ideas and information about the DVD Format and its technical capabilities, improvements and innovations.

http://www.dvdforum.com/ DVD Insider DVD Insider delivers daily, concise news stories aimed at executives in the DVD industry. It will keep you on the leading edge of the DVD market. http://www.dvdinsider.com/ Microsoft's DVD Resource Page Specifications. White Papers. Presentations http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/dvd/ Spruce Technologies Authoring systems and information for DVD creators. http://www.spruce-tech.com/


About Spruce Technologies
DVD4U Latest news from the front. http://www.dvd4u.com/news/ Yahoo's DVD Forum The latest DVD Entries on Yahoo http://dir.yahoo.com/Entertainment/Video/DVD/ About Spruce Technologies Spruce Technologies was established to create and market a new gen-eration of DVD authoring systems for both high-end Hollywood con-tent and the growing and increasingly important corporate market. Based in San Jose, California, Spruce combines the best Silicon Valley software expertise with extensive DVD, MPEG and postproduction knowledge.

DVDMaestro, released in March 1998, is the company's first product. DVDMaestro's ease-of-use, combined with Spruce' s cost-effective compression systems, makes a compelling solution for corporate DVD authoring. About the Author Joseph Matheny is the Product Manager for Spruce Technologies, in San Jose, California. He has been intimately involved in Hypermedia, Internet/Network technologies and Multimedia since the '80s. He is not directly related to Pat Metheny, so stop asking. For more info see: http://www.imedea.com/

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