QPS and DV Studio Demo DVD Solutions at NAB 2001





( LAS VEGAS, Apr. 19, 2001)--QPS and DV Studio will be giving hourly demos of their newest DVD creation systems at NAB 2001.

Featured Products Will Include:

Apollo Expert Plus -- DV Studio's single board MPEG-2 encoding and decoding solution. Captures video and audio from any video source, in real time, and converts them into MPEG-2 quality video and digital-audio formats. This highly compressed MPEG-2 file can then be used in any digital domain such as DVD, DVD-ROM, Super VCD, Internet or broadcasting. Includes a built-in software capability for transcoding DV footage into DVD images.

QPS Que! d2d -- QPS' software that enables users to download their DV-format video footage via a FireWire (IEEE 1394) card and store it on a hard drive as AVI files. These files may be edited via Adobe Premiere or Ulead Video Studio. Que! d2d will compress the raw or edited AVI files into MPEG-2 streams and, ultimately, create a DVD image file that may be output to a DVD-R or DVD-RAM burner. Supports Windows 2000, NT, Me and 98 operating systems in Pentium III computers.

Additional QPS Products to be Shown Include:

-- CD-Rack: Rack mountable CD recording system with SCSI expansion bay -- currently being offered through Roland.

-- Que!/Roland CD Duplicator: Rack mountable SCSI CD duplication unit.

-- Que!/Roland Tape/DVD-RAM: Rack mountable HP Ultrium 1 -200GB tape coupled with 9.4 DVD-RAM.

-- Que!/Roland DVD-R Dupe: Rack mountable dual SCSI DVD-R unit.

-- Que! M2: 2.5" FireWire hard drive (RAID).

-- Que! DVD-R: SCSI DVD-recordable drive.

-- Que! DVD-Rambo: DVD-R/DVD-RAM drive.

Special Pricing For NAB:

-- Apollo d2d DV-to-DVD Software with 3 DVD-R blank media -- $199 (Free media)

-- Apollo d2d DV-to-DVD Software, QPS DVD-R burner, 3 DVD-R blank media -- $2,995 (Free Apollo d2d plus free media)

-- Apollo Expert Plus, QPS DVD-R burner, 3 DVD-R blank media -- $3,995 (Save $995 plus free media.)

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